Tuesday, November 29, 2005

This is Why

Highlight of my day thus far is this email conversation between Hummingbird, Rae Rae and myself. We've planning on seeing Hummingbird perform (sing) this weekend and were trying to get plans solidified. You are coming in on the good part, so work with me.

Hummingbird wrote:
It IS Saturday. Christ, Rae, lay off the crack. We're
trying to maintain a professional Jewish workplace here. There is a show on Friday, too, but Sizzle's coming on Saturday. Can you still make it?

Sizzle wrote:
Wait! You are doing crack Rae?! ;)

I can do Friday if Rae can. I am open and flexible. That is why the boys like me.

Rae Rae wrote:
Whoa! I only freebase crystal meth. Get it right.

Sabado is MUCH better for me anyway - so there!!!!

I'm cheap and talk to strangers - that's why the boys like me.
Hummingbird wrote:
You guys and your "redeeming qualities." What a couple
of goody two-shoes, I swear to god.

Boys like ME because I put out. So there!
And the winner is: Hummingbird.

Do you ever have the kind of day where you put on a new ensemble and think, "This totally works." Then about an hour into work you catch a glimpse of yourself in the bathroom mirror and say, "What the hell was I thinking!?" It's that kind of day.

I seem to be coming down with the 2:00 pm Flu. Yesterday and today I felt feverish around 2:00 pm. I think I am allergic to work.

My Mom told me over the weekend that for the first nine days of my life she wasn't able to hold me. She got a staff infection from the cesarean. I probably knew this but had forgotten but now I think: This explains a lot about me.

But I think that is called wishful thinking.


Lizzie said...

I so know what you mean about ensemble regret! I've had the "what the hell was I thinking?" moment too. And occassionally I've had moments where I realized that what I was wearing was entirely inappropriate for work. "Hmm, this shirt didn't look see-thru in the mirror at home!"

::closes door to office, not to reemerge for the rest of the day::

Sizzle said...

I have SO had that too! But more like, oh.my.god. why didn't I notice how much cleavage I am showing off in this shirt?! ;)

ocg said...

I totally did the cleavage shirt thing today... I have put on a sweater and worn it zipped up all day (since the bathroom mirror "incident" this morning).

I wish I had cool chicks to work with, perhaps it would postpone the flu until 2pm, instead of the moment that I start swinging at my snooze button.

OMG- what would we do without blogs?!?! :the horror:

Kris said...

I feel badly for you that you share a head with me. ;)

The Zombie Lama said...

1. Glad you made it back safely (in case I didn't tell ya already).
2. I like cleavage.
3. I need to meet Humingbird.

Melissa said...

You know, I don't think I'd make it through my work days if it weren't for the email conversations I have... it keeps me sane. My favorite "what was I thinking" moment at work came when I had on white linen pants this summer and... *sigh* white panties with red hearts all over them... yeah, I'm a winner.

Bill said...

You know, this so reminds me of those days I go to the office and forget to put pants on. There I am, in the meeting, my business hanging out for all to see ... it really throws off those PowerPoint presentations.

And I'm with Zombie. Hummingbird really sounds like someone I should know. Send pictures.


Anonymous said...

just so you know...it DID totally work.

- jules

alissa said...

God, I love girlfriends. Do you ever have those days when you just don't know where you'd be without them? Your conversations remind me of the e-mails I exchange with my girls. There's nothing better.

Wombat & Aspen said...

I held a girl at a Christmas party once, and everyone got a staff memo.


sue said...

Oh, my, Siz... I think your gal-pals are a scream!

I work with all men, so have no one to tell me when I mess up... until I walk into the bathroom and look at the mirror and say, "What the HELL was I thinking this morning?". Then shrug and walk back out and resume my day... :)

Dirk the Feeble said...

In Humingbird's defense, I like her already.

kathryn said...

Yuh-huh. I'm 10lbs too fat for all of my clothes, so everyday is an exercise in humiliation.

"Fewer ding-dongs, more treadmill!" should me looping in my head at all times.

Sizzle said...

Oh fellas, I am sorry to do this to ya but The Bird is taken with a capital T. Taken. She got hitched this summer to one of the bestest men alive. Lucky whore! I will do my best to highlight my other equally provacative and slutty female friends. I am sure they will love me for it. (Not.)

HighMaintenanceHussy said...

I was dropped on my head a lot. I like to think this explains everything away, but it probably doesn't.

Her Daddy's Eyes said...

First of all...those emails are so f-ing funny! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Second...I'll hold you Siz! :)