Friday, November 18, 2005

Stick To Your Guns

This is what happens when you compromise your morals for free sushi and a movie:

Sure, Joaquin Phoenix, Johnny Cash, sushi and cocktails is a pretty good recipe for a great evening. . .But then you have to factor in guy who is paying. And then you think, "Self, is it really worth it? Should I demean myself for free food and a movie?" You swear to yourself that you won't put out. You will drive your own car. You will not go to his house no matter how much alcohol you consume. You make it okay to say yes because you feel in control, finally.

But then the Universe butts her head in and says, "Oh no no no!" And you are saved from an evening of pretending.

The Guider, after two months, discovered that I had deleted him as a friend on myspace. It's myspace people! Which apparently is the modern day equivalent to junior high. Apparently, upon discovering I was no longer listed as his "friend," he decided to confront me- via IM. I can't lie. I said I deleted him. But then I made a joke about "an angry drama queen rage" because, well, he likes to tell me I am a drama queen. I am not. I used to be but the 12 step recovery process really helped me. Why is expressing feelings that make another uncomfortable or calling a person on their shit make you a drama queen?

In my book, it doesn't. But he and I? We read different books, obviously.

So no free sushi. No lame banter. No fighting off The Guider. We are through and I am so grateful. Thank you Universe for doing what I couldn't seem to do.


Dashiell said...

What a tool! Breaks a date with the Sizz over a myspace dispute? Guess he'll be guiding himself tonight. And for most of the foreseeable future I would imagine.

gorillabuns said...

obviously he was one that didn't play well with others on the playground. glad to hear you told him the truth even though it seems he couldn't handle the truth. good riddance!

Bill said...

never imagined I would ever see Johnny Cash and sushi in the same sentence, but life is nothing if not surprising.

Personally, I'd have been sceptical of anyone called The Guider, but that's just me. It sounds like a good decision though. Myself, I don't have a myspace thing - is this the sign of an anti-social personality, or a reluctance to be too technologically connected? I'm not sure.

Whatever the case ... I really don't recommend the Johnny Cash / sushi combo. There's just something fundamentally wrong, maybe even un-American, in that.

Jenster said...

I so know what you mean about people having issues with being called on their shit. Some people just can't deal with the fact that they have issues, so it must be the fault of the person speaking their mind, right? Not. Ugh. Well, I'm glad that the Universe intervened for you. It doesn't sound like it would have turned out well.

circe said...

It's always a good idea to listen to your inner voice, but even better when the Universe steps in and says NO WAY. :)


Brookelina said...

Sounds like an evening with Ben & Jerry would be much more entertaining anyway.

Wombat & Aspen said...

Nasty, insensitive Sizz.

Didn't you receive the MySpace terms and conditions amendment? It states that if you include someone in your gang, their self-esteem becomes your responsibility.

This means:

- doing what they want
- masking your feelings
- allowing IM as legitimate communication
- going "there, there" a lot
- accepting personal criticism blithely

And unfriending isn't allowed. Be careful or he won't sign your yearbook.


Lizzie said...

Didn't you know? "Drama queen" is just another way of saying "a woman who tells it like it is." Just like a drama king is a- Oh, wait, no such thing. Nah, no double standard there.

Star Effer said...

If he takes friggin My Space so seriously, i'd say HE'S the Drama Queen.

Put him in your rearview!

He's Dead, Jim! said...

Sounds like you never liked this guy much to begin with. Boredom stinks, but being with the wrong guy stinks more.

Kris said...


no words, sizz. no words.

Moonchild said...

oh my god, my 17 year old niece and 15 year old nephew both have "blogs" on ... i secretly am subscribed to both to read their personal angst ridden thoughts..... and to report back to my mom about her grandchildren because i think both of them are evil.

Her Daddy's Eyes said...

Well, if expressing feelings makes one a drama queen then give me the prettiest crown, damn it!

Lord help us all!


sue said...

WHOOT! You ROCK Siz... Drama. Pshaw...! He don't KNOW drama...