Sunday, November 13, 2005

Spirit Lights Hope

Being true to who we are
means carrying our spirit like a candle
in the center of our darkness.


Anne said...

This is such a cool and true saying! Wow! Cool blog also by the way!

Take care

Brookelina said...

Awesome. Simply awesome. Can I copy this and put it on my "wish I'd said that" sidebar?

I'm going to whether you say yes or not. I just thought I'd ask.

Sizzle said...

of course brooke. :) just give mark nepo credit for saying it. (i wish i had said it too.)

thanks for visiting (and linking!) me anne. :)

Her Daddy's Eyes said...


Bill said...

Contrast is everything. Light without darkness is meaningless. Darkness without light is meaningless. So we're haphazard combinations of the two so we can have meaning. It doesn't make life easy, but it does make it meaningful.

Yes, it sounds kinda pompous but I believe it to be true. :-)

Melissa said...

It's nothing to shine in the light, anyone can do it; it's when the dark hits that it becomes so much more difficult-and so much more necessary.

Lizzie said...

great quote.