Tuesday, October 18, 2005


As part of my job, I am often required to do presentations in the community. Yesterday, I had to present on behalf of the United Way at a local department store. Do you ever go into a store and just get creeped out? Maybe it's just me. This store gives me the willies. The lighting is weird. The clothes are all just a smidge behind the times and made with poor quality materials. It smells like grandma perfume. I wanted out as soon as I walked in the door.

I met up with the United Way representative who luckily was super cool and even younger than me. I get that whole you-are-so-young-thing a lot. How come I don't feel that young? So we make our way into this cramped breakroom and wait. An employee is scarfing pizza and watching Oprah in the corner (Geena Davis, the first female president, was on). The employees slowly trickle in and settle around the table looking none to enthused. You'd think we were going to pitch a colon cleaning device or something by the look of discomfort on their faces. People don't like to be cornered and asked to pledge money.

Then she walks in. Velma! I shit you not. This older lady with the same bangs (which are ridiculous in person, by the way) and these HUGE glasses- even huger than Velma's- AND they are pink. Hot pink to be exact. She had lipstick on to match the glasses. Nice touch. Uh, not. It was disturbing and yet, I could not tear my eyes from her. Well, I did once or twice, but that was because I was distracted by the maintainence fella's mangled mess of teeth. Poor guy. He can't pledge money to the campaign- he needs dentistry- stat! (I am going to hell for such thoughts. But I know that The Tomato will be there, so I won't be lonely.)

Does this ever happen to you? You are going about your day and then- Whammo!- you run into someone who bears an uncanny resemblance to a celebrity or character? It happens to me all the time. Posted by Picasa


Bill said...

I’ve had the opposite happen, where I was the guy who someone thought looked like someone. In my case, Steve Buscemi. When my hair was a bit longer and combed back, I went for a period of about two years where I’d go into a store and the clerk would go, “Hey! You look like that guy! You know? The Mr. Pink guy – was it pink? Reservoir Dogs, man. You know. Hey Bob – ya gotta see this guy!”

It even happened in a Safeway. So I got creeped out the other way.

Lushy said...

I get mistaken for Famke Jensen all the damn time. It gets really annoying.

Mo-Pie said...

Bill - that's awesome... I love Steve Buscemi! I can see the resemblance.

Siz - "Whammo" (That was awesome when you said that). We have a “friend” of a friend that looks JUST like Oliver Platt that it is uncanny. I will have to get a picture of him for comparison, but maybe I don't need to because, he's right here!

It was kind of like "Whammo" when we first saw him, and then it was kind of like another "Whammo" when we found out it was one of our "friends" friend.

BTW, You should totally be Velma for Halloween (If you haven’t figured out what you were going to be yet).

Her Daddy's Eyes said...

OMG yes! Hubs and I used to hang out at Starbucks a lot. We used to see people there ALL the time that looked JUST like the famous. Why can't I run into a Napoleon Dynamite or a Doug Heffernan look alike? That'd be cool.

BTW, I'm SO going to hell to, so I'll see you there! :)


Anonymous said...

there's this guy who used to work at the Ben Lomond market who was a dead ringer for Jean Luc Picard's older brother. I blushed and giggled every time i saw him

- jules

whoorl said...

i used to work with a guy who was a dead ringer of jerry seinfeld AND he lived in new york. he usually was approached on the street at least 5 times a day. :)

gorillabuns said...

umm... i get lily from "as the world turns" all the time and sometime mira sorvino. maybe because me eyes are too close together!

goldmoon said...

Too funny! When I had drinks with my boss tonight, I saw a guy who looked JUST like the older bald guy on Lost AND one who looked like Ben Stein AND one who bore little to no resemblance to Foreman on That 70s Show, but whose VOICE was exactly like his. Weird, three WHAMMOS in one place.

sue said...

My son's girlfriends' brother looks and has mannerisms just like John Malkovich. So strange..

Then there is the time we saw the waitress who looked just like Wynona Ryder.

No REAL celebs tho'... I mean, this IS Iowa, people.

Moonchild said...

I run into people all the time who resemble cartoon characters or characters that I have drawn. Funny post. I always thought Velma got the shaft with the orange sweat socks and all. By the way, when United Way came to the hamster cage they basically forced us to pledge. I mean, the "name of my company" has had 100% of all employee participation for the past 18 years..... and then they give us a free pizza feed for it. I got an email today, three people decided to not give.....but we will still get fed the pizze nonetheless. All of hamsters were mighty giddy today. Peace out.