Monday, October 17, 2005

Impromptu Fun

Mr. Incredible, aka The Tomato, visited this weekend with our friend Eric. I didn't know they were in town until about 1:00pm on Saturday. I did, however, receive two drunken messages Friday night. A mystery man said something about a casting call for a "carpet muncher" and how I would be right for the role and then Eric got on the phone, three sheets to the wind, saying he hoped I was recovering well from my recent surgery. Apparently I had a sex change operation without my knowledge. Hmmm. So when they called me Saturday, I was surprised to learn they were in town. I got roped into going to The Tomato's Aunt's 50th Birthday party where the theme was Disney and costumes were required. Um. I don't do Disney. That isn't even a secret. I know it is anti-American to say so but you really don't want to get me started on this topic. Spare yourself.

After spending WAY too much brain power trying to think up a costume on such short notice with such little enthusiasm for the theme, Mikey saved me by suggesting I go as Fantasy Land. It was a stretch but any excuse to wear black wings, glitter glasses, low cut top, handcuffs and a cat-o-nine tails, I snatch up. It was pretty anti-climactic and all the stress was not warranted. As we arrived, half the party was leaving- and it was 7:30pm people! I tried to not fall asleep though there were moments in between bites of mini-eclairs and groaning at bad jokes where I might have nodded off with my eyes open. We, thankfully, only had to muddle through 2 hours until we made our great escape to The Tomato's aunt and uncle's house in Portola Valley. It's more like a mini-mansion- so beautiful and spacious. Other than Daisy and Cracker stealing the covers, I managed to sleep really well. (Tomato, when did you stop snoring? I didn't hear you at all.) And the sunrise was spectacular.

The Tomato couldn't understand how I didn't know my way around a town I grew up in but honestly, after 11 years in Santa Cruz, I have dumped all sense of direction from San Jose to make room for more pertinent information. Luckily, Tomato is blessed with an amazing sense of direction. We made our way to breakfast at Hobee's which included the coveted blueberry coffee cake and stories from their adventure at Gay Days. I can't escape Disney! I dropped them off at the airport and did some shopping. Santa Cruz has really lame stores so whenever I get over to a "big" city, I have to go shopping. A pair of new shoes and a cardigan later, I was heading home. Thank you, Old Navy.

I love when I have no set plans and something fun pops up. Good times with old friends.


Jenster said...

I dig the glitter glasses. They rock!

I lived in Portola Valley for 4 years- during my middle school days. It is beautiful there, if not secluded.

I love Hobee's. I'll never tire of that coffee cake. Next month they start serving cranberry coffee cake, which is also yummy. I used to work in a center that housed a Hobee's and ate there way too much. I miss it.

I'm glad to you had a great weekend with your surprise quests. It's always good to just hang out and let the good times roll.

sue said...

sounds like JUST what you needed!

The Humanity Critic said...

Sounds like a great time was had.

Krisco said...

Sounds like so much fun! Good for you.

Bill said...

Unplanned adventures are often the best. And those glasses ... very nice, though a bit troubling. Maybe it's your expression but I can't help thinking ... Dominatrix.

Lushy said...

Fun! I'm glad you had a good time. Cat-o-nine tails? Rawr.


Bex said...

the tomato as mr. incredible may be the best halloween costume yet.

Mo-Pie said...

You Guy's are Crazy (Crazy meaning, funny crazy).

That reminds me... I haven't watched Pocahontas in a while.

gorillabuns said...

i love mr incredible!
impromptu fun is the best. glad you enjoyed yourself!