Thursday, October 13, 2005

Wisdom of the Torn Heart

". . .this is meeting the world in all its painful variety with feet spread and arms open, neither accepting everything nor rejecting everything, but leaning into what is nourishing and letting the rest move on through.

In this way the heart becomes a torn flag that knows no country, and over time it is the little tears of living in the open that we must give thanks to. For it is the slight rips we suffer that let through the blasts too painful to carry.

Perhaps this is wisdom, the earned humility of our suffering that doesn't try to hold onto everything. Perhaps this is the wisdom of the torn heart that lets us keep going."
(Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening)

I am trying not to hold onto everything, like Mark Nepo says. It is difficult! So, I persist in fighting my little demons, trying not to get stuck in the habit of feeling bad. Feeling bad takes so much energy- energy I can't afford to expend. Honestly, I keep crying. Yesterday, I cried three times. I cry because I am deeply touched by a friend's kindness. Or because I miss someone. Or because the crystal beauty of the sea blinds my heart. But I don't really mind the tears. They remind me that I am human. My heart is resilient. I figure it's just calisthenics for a well-used muscle.


Mo-Pie said...

"This too, will pass."

...I live by these words.

You are such a strong individual sizzle, you not only inspire us... but you are funny as hell. This is why we all come back. No doubt, you can overcome anything...

You just have to remember that; life is like a box of chocolate’s... you never know…”You know the rest.”

Bill said...

All I can think of is a brilliant Leonard Cohen song called Anthem which goes, in part:

The birds they sang
at the break of day,
Start again
I heard them say.
Don't dwell on what
has passed away
or what is yet to be ...

Ring the bells that still can ring.
Forget your perfect offering.
There is a crack in everything;
That's how the light gets in.

Krisco said...

Stop being so serious already!

Just kidding, of course. :)

That is actually a great quote and I have little tears (agian) in my eyes. Thanks a lot.

Krisco said...

agAIn I mean

Same with that quote from bill. Thanks a lot Bill tool :)

gorillabuns said...

crying cleanses your soul or so says, said my grandmother. so, cleanse away....

sue said...

Aw geez... now ya got ME going... pass the kleenex, please... {{{hugs}}}

Her Daddy's Eyes said...

I cried twice yesterday. Once on my way to drop of my payment at the school (because my dreams are unfolding). And once when I was telling Hubs about my lunch date with my mom. I'll share a box of tissues with you any day.
Sometimes I get so mad at myself for crying because I used to cry so easy. And my mom cries about everything. But I like what you said, "They remind me that I am human ." Right, that's true.
P.S LOVE your pictures!! :)
Happy Friday!