Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Day of the Dumpling

Today is Mr. Rodacre's 35th birthday. I don't call him Mr. Rodacre unless we are blogging. He's my Dumpling.

We used to go out. As in: we dated. But first, he dated Jen Jen. Yeah, I guess you could say he gets around. He might like being thought of as a stud. You wouldn't protest that would you, Dumpling?

He's got the nickname "Duckie" as in Jon Cryer in Pretty in Pink. He is Duckie. He's adoring and funny and smart and clever. He's also totally a Virgo. He drives me nuts sometimes but as he likes to remind me, I love it. It IS endearing. I'll give him that.

Dumpling's the guy you call when you need someone to accept you as is. He's the one you reach out to for sanity and calmness. He's safe and sweet and really a very, very good friend. He's the kind a fella that remembers how you take your tea or offers to bring over a movie and your favorite ice cream when he finds out you had a crapass day.

Here is a man who can keep up with me when I start quoting When Harry Met Sally. Me: "I'm difficult. I'm too structured. I'm completely closed off." Him: "Yeah, but in a good way." Or, Me: "Just let it lie." Him: "You see what I did there? I didn't let it lie." He makes me laugh.

Hey Dumpling? "May I admire you again today?" ;)

Happy Birthday! (I shall now call you and sing my rendition of the Happy Birthday Song a la Marilyn Monroe to JFK.)


sue said...

What I liked about this lovely tribute posting is the fact that you dated and are STILL friends! How many times do we hear someone got the "I want to stay friends" speech and everyone rolls their eyes. You two made it work. I applaude you!

Oh, and not to be forgotten, please pass on a Happy Birthday to the Dumpling...or whatever you're calling him today... ;)

Her Daddy's Eyes said...

I love Pretty in Pink. And LOVE Duckie. That's so crazy, because Hubs and I were just talking about Duckie, ok, maybe it was just me and he was listening. I was singing "Love is Real" (by John Lennon, btw) like Duckie sings it in P in P.


So Duckie/Dumpling... Gonna marry him or what?


P.S. Happy 35th to the FAB guy!

Mr_Rodacre said...

Aw shucks... thanks Eyes and Sue!

My dear Jonesypie, thank you for the birthday tribute and the not one but TWO Marilynesque renditions of "Happy Birthday" on my messages... I shall treasure them always.

And seriously, Sizz... are we getting hitched or what? We're not getting any younger... ;-)

kim e said...

Happy birthday! Are there plans for dinner and drunken karaoke or something equally fun and humiliating?

Sizzle said...

there are definite dinner plans (for tomorrow) but drunken karaoke, hmmm. last time i did that, um, well, let's just say. . . things got outta hand. :)

AJ Gentile said...

Um... can we all call him DUMPLING?


Mr_Rodacre said...


Sizzle said...

now look what you've started!

and yes, feel free to call him dumpling all you want.

Krisco said...

Marry this man.

You need to feel that way and feel accepted. That's the best.

And besides, drunken karaoke? Can't top that.

Lushy said...

That's it. I'm hopping a plane tomorrow to join you for drunken karaoke in honor of Dumplin'.

Happy Birthday, Duckie!

Bill said...

I started to write a comment but what I wanted to say and what I actually wrote were two different things. So I gave the comment the heave-ho and decided to go with this:

Is there anything better than drunken karaoke? Well, I suppose there are. But if you're drunk and doing karaoke, do you care?

Paul said...

Rodacre has GOTTEN AROUND, hasn't he?

What's his secret?