Tuesday, September 27, 2005

And Off She Goes

Mr. Rodacre (AKA Dumpling) and I went to Ristorante Avanti Friday to celebrate his birthday. Here we are with me a bit cut off...

The Dumpling & Ms. Sizzle
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Apparently, after too much vino I make this face. Not so good. And apparently, Dumpling is the newest cast member of The Sopranos. That picture makes me laugh.

You know what happens after you have a four day weekend? You don't want to go back to work, that's what. I have a very long day ahead of me with mountains of work to tackle. Taking time off is so counter-productive this way. All that resting goes *poof* upon walking into an office with an angry message light blinking and stacks of papers to sort. First things first, clean the desk. A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind.

Now that I have been offered the Hospice Volunteer position, I am having second thoughts. Do I really want to pay $125? Do I really want to give up the next 6-8 Saturdays and Tuesday nights to be trained? Why am I so flakey? This frustrates me about myself. I get this grand idea, even share it with others and get excited about it and then when it comes time to DO it, I want to bail. That would happen all the time when I would sign up to teach self-defense classes. I would be all excited about teaching a girls class and would get right to work on the lesson plan for the 6 week course and then the day it was supposed to start, I wanted to do ANYTHING but go teach class. The worst ones were the one day weekend workshops. I would have to drag my ass out of bed to arrive on time to class and half the time, you know what would happen? Not enough women would have signed up and class would have to be cancelled. Then I'd feel like a real jerk for putting out bad vibes.

You know that line in that Tori Amos song that goes, "Got enough guilt to start my own religion." Yeah, that's me. Today is one of those typical Sizzle Days where my mind is going off in ten different directions and I can barely keep up.


Anonymous said...

such a cute couple..

Sizzle said...

ha ha ha.

anonymous, we are no longer a couple. please scroll down and reread earlier post. :)

dumpling- did you post that anonymous comment? ;)

sue said...

What a cute...uh..."non" couple. ;)

...and I thought MY desk was a mess!

Volunteering - you'll figure it out.

Bex said...

aww, siz, too cute.
i am this close to taking a "mental health" day off work tomorrow. i can only imagine how much i'd want to go back after a 4 day weekend....
do the hospice volunteering if you feel that you have enough time for it. if you're feeling too overwhelmed and like you don't have the time to do it, you'll only end up resenting it, and that would suck.

Paul said...


As for the Volunteer position, only take it if they give you free food while you work.

kim e said...

Your vino face is gorgeous. Here's what runs in my family... my sister: http://www.kissmycrisis.com/dirtythirty/pic06.jpg

And me: http://www.kissmycrisis.com/dirtythirty/pic68.jpg

You see? It could be so, so much worse.

gorillabuns said...

i volunteered for hospice back in graduate school though i didn't have to pay a fee to volunteer (not quite sure why you pay to volunteer.) it was an interesting experience and rewarding though i tend to get too attached to people and well they pass away soon after you get to know them.

i'm with you on starting something new and exciting only to find excuses to get out of having to actually follow through with continuing the project. i say if you don't like it or it makes you feel depressed, drop out.

amy said...

nice photo :)

amy said...

PS: i have that same desk. :)

Sizzle said...

ink- that desk is the bane of my existence (ok one of my banes). it doesn't fit in the weird shaped office i work in. i hope your set up is better!

buns- i can see that happening to me as well but i think i am going to give it a shot. maybe i can pick your brain if i hit some rough spots?

kim- i love your vino face!

psd- i am pretty sure there will be bagels. i will go for the bagels.

bex- be forewarned- that mental health day could spawn needing a mental health week. but you deserve it!

sue- this is one contest i don't really want to win. ;)

Mo-Pie said...

Looks/sounds like it was a great party... Why did you two break up again?

Great vino face btw... and I also liked Kim and sister's vino face as well. Mine is more of a glazed eyes, straight ahead look when I get vino'd.

Jenny said...

Duckie is the new Soprano!!!

gorillabuns said...


Mr_Rodacre said...

I like that picture of us... very cute...

We do make a cute couple, Jonesypie... ya gotta admit... ;-)

Her Daddy's Eyes said...

OMG! You're so beautiful Sizzle!


P.S. I LOVE Tori!

P.S.S I so missed reading your blog whilst I was away. ;)