Sunday, August 21, 2005

With a Wink & a Smile

"All I ask of you is forever to remember me loving you."
(refrain of song in ceremony)

The wedding was perfect- perfectly Sami and Megan (Hummingbird) So much so that I couldn't stop smiling. They are made for one another. Their vows were funny, touching and heartfelt. I especially liked when Hummingbird, in her list of reasons why she loves Sami said, "I love you because you are are hot" to which Sami started fanning himself. In his vows Sami said, "There might be boring times..." and Hummingbird interrupted him saying an emphatic, "What?!" And we all laughed. I have never been to a wedding with so much audience participation. People clapped after each singer. They clapped after the vows were read. Someone in the audience yelled out, "Go Bird!" It was kind of odd, kind of nutty, and totally Sami & Bird so it worked. Even later, at the reception, when the lights suddenly went out, the happy couple made the best of it and cut the cake by latern light.

They make each other laugh. They are the best versions of themselves around one another. They challenge each other to live life to the fullest with passion. They love each other with conviction and zeal. Watching them together, I am convinced that true love exists and it is a beautiful thing.

One thing is for certain though- I won't be jumping at the chance to do photographer assisting any time soon. You ever tried getting family members to put down their wine and interrupt their conversations to get their picture taken? It isn't a piece of cake, that is for damn sure. People can sure throw attitude and they have a lot of suggestions that they should really just keep to themselves. My wonderfully talented sister was the photographer for the event and in my list of duties, I had to round up this very long list of people for shots. Photo shots that is. Some of them though, I wish could have been delivered a different sort of shot altogether. Funny how people think they should tell a paid professional how to do her job. Funny as in, shut the hell up you idiot.

But that part was quickly forgotten after a couple glasses of vino and some mingling with friends. Hummingbird has some fantastic friends. I met a few of them at the bachelorette party and upon seeing them yesterday, it was as if we had all gone to summer camp together and were finally reunited after a long year of being pen pals. I left with the digits of two of my favorite people there...each scribbled on a scrap of paper and nestled safely in the cup of my bra. One in each. Rae on the right. Mark on the left. New friends! I feel like I am in junior high and just got asked to go to the slumber party of the coolest chick in the class. Yes, they are that fabulous.

It was a great time, even if I didn't find my Matthew.

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sue said...

He's there. Just waiting.