Monday, August 22, 2005

Say G'Night Gracie

I am the kind of tired that inhibits my memory function. I can be talking to someone and completely forget where I am going with whatever I am saying. It's like, "We should really upload those links for the event page because...uh...hmmm...well, we should just do it." My coworker's face turns quizzical and I just want to lie my head down on my desk. I forget common words- so often that people might think me dim or plighted with some sort of speech impediment. I shouldn't be allowed to email. I send out blank emails or emails without any response in them, just the text from their original email. I probably shouldn't even be allowed to blog.

I am the kind of tired that makes daily tasks seem like monumental hurdles to overcome. Vacuum? I can't get off the couch and you want me to vacuum? So what if the dog hair is piling in clumps in the corner creating small hair puppies. So what if the kitty litter has leapt from the mat and is now scattered in an obstacle course of painful gravel on the path to my bed. I can't be bothered to think about this. I just want to lie down. I just want to lie down uninterrupted for at least 2 hours. No kittens attacking my head. No deviant sexual kitty behavior to break up. No drunk vagrants yelling at each other in front of my house. None of it.

When I have regained a semblance of brain power, I promise to return with something witty and entertaining. For now, I am spent and useless to the masses.

(Oh and all that pink in my blog was getting to me. I needed a clean slate on which to write, hence the starkness of the updated blog.)


Bob Merrick said...

Stark is a good word.

Anonymous said...


- jules

Charlie said...

I like the new look. Less pink was a good call.

sue said...

I like it! Less "Pepto-Bismol"... :)