Monday, August 15, 2005

The Truth Is Revealed

Now is the moment you have waited all weekend for. . . Which one of the three is the lie? There seemed to be an initial outcry of 3s which then quickly shifted to 1, 1, 1, 1, all the way. From the votes cast, I can surmise that you all think me worldly enough to understand how a coffee cup warmer works AND you believe I would have a casual encounter with someone I met on the internet. Add to that that I am a lying pot smoker and you've got yourself quite a pretty picture, don't ya? I suppose I set myself up for it. And after all, it is just a game.

Drum Roll Please. . .

#1. TRUE
#2. TRUE

While I have met many a man on the internet, I have never posted a "casual encounter" ad. And while I may have fooled around on the first date (gasp!), it has never been with someone I met through a casual encounter ad. As much of an inept dorkus it might make me appear, I have burnt myself all those times (including, but not mentioned, a run in with the pipping hot tea kettle and my bare breast...but that is another story entirely) and I was in fact a Brownie and a Girl Scout with many a hard-earned badge decorating my sash but alas, no Fire Badge. I did spend many weeks during the summer of my 9th year (or was it 10th?) changing gauze bandages and applying ointment to my left hand after foolishly touching that coffee mug warmer.

Some lessons are hard learned. This truth is self-evident.

Thanks for playing! Now back to our regularly scheduled blogging...


sue said...

When I was a kid I accidently put my hand down on an electric stove burner that had been turned off, but was still hot. I didn't tell anyone until after dinner and I was trying to wash the dishes (by hand) with a hand full of blisters. I can soooo relate.

Jenny said...

man. i feel lame. well, sorta. i knew you were a girl conflicted. well at least i know now you are not a hussie. teehee.

Lushy said...

Do you sing the girl scout songs when you get drunk?

Me neither. :)

Paul said...

That's too bad, re: #3.

But #1 reminds me of the time I made Smores over the stove, using a fork to puncture a marshmallow and roast it over the open flame. Then when it was nice and brown and I slid it inbetween two graham crackers -- I looked at the fork (still with marshmallow on it) and the caveman part of me was like "Mmmmm." I tried to taste it and burned my friggin mouth.


kim e said...

Damn. You really had me going with the hussy thing.

I bet you were cute in your uniform selling the cookies.