Friday, August 19, 2005

Let the Leo Rule

Jenny Two Times is 32 today! We're gonna go out and party it up tonight in celebration of her wonderfulness. This is as it should be, especially when you are talking about a Leo.

Do you have any Leos in your life? If you do, you'll understand the joy and the pain that is loving a Leo. My Mom is a Leo, god bless her. (Hi Mom!) She trained me well in "How to Handle a Leo." Don't get me wrong. I love my Leos. They are unique and demanding and give me a run for my money.

Let me tell you about my dear friend Jenny. I met Jenny back in high school. She was good friends with The Tomato and at the time, The Tomato and I were dating. This was before he came out of the closet, obviously. Jenny was the first person I met with style. She wore funky hats and fantastic shoes and jeans she'd designed herself. She taught me the art of thrift store shopping. She taught me how to find my own sense of style. We'd hang out at De Anza Junior College in the quad, smoking clove cigarettes in our 1950's housecoat dresses with old man sweaters and converse. We'd make jewelry and crafty things and surreptitiously steal bags of beads from the art store we worked at together.

When I think of Jenny, I think of driving around in the car with the music blaring, our voices carrying tunes. She's like a walking juke box, I tell ya. One time I said, "Hey Jen. I have this song running around in my head, maybe you know it?" She says, "Sing it." So I sing about 5 words and hum a bit of the melody and she says, "Oh! That's blah blah blah. I have that album. Want to borrow it?"

It's like that.

Jenny has "isms" whether she knows it or not. She's such a good sport- she let's me make fun of her all the time. (Thanks Jen!) I like to do the bit where Jen has recognized someone. It goes like this:

Jen: "I know that guy."
Me" "Really? Where from?"
Jen: "Huh. I can't remember. Hmmm. Hmmm." (Thinking. Staring at him. Thinking. Staring. Staring. Staring some more.)
Me: . . .
Jen: "Oh! I saw him in line at Trader Joe's last week."

See? She knows him.

Jenny can never find her keys. Wait. Let me clarify. She CAN find them but she likes to declare she can NOT find them before she's really looked.

Jen: "Where are my keys?!"
Jen: "I can't find my keys!"
Jen: "Oh, wait, here they are."

Not too much has changed with us even after a couple of years apart. When we were younger, we'd talk every day and hang out at each other's houses and try to make sense of boys and relationships and life. . . And not a whole lot has changed on that front. Well, except now we try to make sense of boys for me and girls for her. Jenny is always there for me. I call her, she comes over. She is a true friend- so generous with her time, her energy, her willingness to listen and support. She's become more and more spiritual which is inspiring to watch. And occasionally it even rubs off on me. I am so very grateful for her friendship. She has helped me become who I am. But, please, don't hold that against her. ;)

I love you Jenny. Happy Birthday! It is all about you today.

P.S. We had a good time celebrating Jenny Two Times. See how drunk and happy JB looks?
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Jenny said...

you made me cry :)
thanx...right back at ya.

Jenny said...

ok i read it again and this time i laughed. and then cried a little more. i love you too.

Kris said...

I have a Jenny just like this in my life. :)

Anonymous said...
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sue said...

Hubby is a Leo... (but, then again, so is ex-hubby. hmmmm)... and so is Eldest Daughter's hubby. I love Leo's... mostly.

Happy b-lated birthday to Jenny!