Sunday, July 10, 2005

Weekend Discoveries

Vapid means lacking in liveliness, animation and/or interest. I entirely misused this word when attributing it to someone. That's what you get for being judgemental Ms. Sizzle. You embarass yourself with your stunted vocabulary.

I don't do well in the heat. It is too hot here. One of the main benefits of living in a coastal town is that the weather is generally perfect. By perfect I mean when it is warm, it is never that warm. The ocean sends in a breeze to cool us all off. Not this weekend. I have been sweaty and sticky and flushed. This isn't my best look.

Throwing a party makes me not sleep. I over-think the details. And to make matters worse, I tend to over-personalize the whole thing actually. Way too concerned if people are having a good time, stressed when people are late, semi-consumed with making everything as perfect as it can be. Someday I hope to eliminate the word perfect from my (stunted) vocabulary.

Kids, while cute, are taxing. Particularly when they have their dirty, germy fingers in everything. Example: kid scans cheese plates and picks up one that, by the look of it, seems to be to her liking but then she LICKS it, makes a face to express her disdain and promptly puts the (licked) piece of cheese back on the plate for the other guests to enjoy. I can only guess how many other pieces were touched, licked and returned uneaten before I caught the little bugger.

Two hours at the flea market will not only yield you a cute polka dotted planter, an old wood frame, an avocado the size of a grapefruit, a bag of butter toffee peanuts and two round retro throw pillows, but a pretty funny looking farmer tan as well.

Keeping your mouth shut is sometimes preferable to mouthing off without thinking. Even if you REALLY want to say something. REALLY want to be spiteful and rude and indignant. Button it for a day or two until you've ridden the reactionary wave to shore. At least that is what I am trying to do. Wish me luck.

Oh. And I am officially a cheese-a-holic. (Let me clarify (thanks Sue) that I prefer unlicked cheese.)


sue said...

Hmmmm... a cheese-a-holic after you told us what the kid does with the cheese? That's just icky.

Sizzle said...

Oh my! I didn't think about that. You are right! I better make some minor adjustments on that one. Don't want people thinking I fancy pre-licked cheese. ;)

Anonymous said...

The party was wonderful. Thank you for all the sleepless nights and your great organizational skills. Everyone had a good time and Steph was a happy almost 30 year old.
Thank goodness you cought 'the little tike' with the cheese, you missed the almost disaster with the cake!

Bob Merrick said...

Don't forget Peggy's premature ejaculation from her orgasm in a cup that ended up all down the side of her pants.


Sizzle said...

What is this about Peg?! I missed out on that one for sure.

Jenny said...

it was hysterical...the pastry dish thingy broke in her hand and purple fruit goop spilled all over her pants and shoes. :)