Monday, July 11, 2005

Dokey Turns Thirty

The birthday girl (lil sis Dokey) and her button cake. Too cute.
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Isn't my mom so pretty? And the Tomato, so handsome in his Ponch sunglasses. Love the hairy chest- rrrrrrrrr!
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This pic of Jenny Two Times and myself was snapped while I was recounting the dreaded cheese licker incident. Clearly, it tickled Jenny's funny bone.
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Supple loves to make a face. She wore a skirt! I almost had a mini-heart attack, it was so exciting.
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Sisters having a laugh.Typical Jones girl behavior.
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fettucini said...

whoa, your sister is HOT.

Sizzle said...

she is stunningly beautiful. i agree.

kim e said...

It looks like you had a great day, thanks for the photos! It's my own little sister's 30th birthday tomorrow. Which, of course, makes me just that much older....

whoorl said...

i love these pics- it reminds me of hanging with my little sis! :)

can i just say, both of you are GORGEOUS!