Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Swimming Out

When under, remember the surface.
When on the surface, remember the deep.

When our days are turbulent and troubled, our challenge is to remember that the wave is not the sea. Though it pounds us, the pounding will pass. Though it tosses us about, the tossing will pass, if we don't fight it.

Often our fear misleads us to stay in close to shore, when the safest place is in the deep, if we can get there. Any swimmer knows: Stay too close to shore and you will be battered by the surf and undertow. We must swim out past the breakers if we are to know the hammock of the deep.

Stay on land or make it to the deep. It is the in-between that kills.

When you feel the swell of life around you, simply drift. . .

*From The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo


sue said...

Wow. Deep. (No pun intended.)

Bob Merrick said...

I have to admit, i am incredibly impressed that you search your soul or song lyrics or pages of literature for something to post every day. Thanks for that dedication!

Jenny said...