Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Special Delivery?

Friday morning, fresh from bed and a sleepless night, I went out to the mailbox to send off the rent check when the UPS guy drove up. We'd had a couple of delivery notices but had not been home to sign for it. And it wasn't even our package but our neighbors from the back house and, as usual, they were out of town.

So there I am, standing under the wisteria at the gate in sweats and a t-shirt, bra-less, without make-up, hair disheveled when Mr. UPS saunters up with a package. We get to chatting and through the morning fog of my brain, I begin to wonder:

Hey, is this a delivery or a pick up?

After many a compliment and some witty banter exchange, he hits me up for my number and off he goes. On his way out to work, Mikey says, "Did you just give that guy your number?" And I sheepishly say, "Um, yes." And he says, somewhat proudly, "Sweet." Later that night Mikey quipped, "What can brown do for you?"

Hmm...Good question...


Anonymous said...

< insert joke about package delivery here. >

Sizzle said...

exactly. :)

sue said...

What's nice is he's seen you at your worst and appears to be impressed! No where to go but UP! ;)