Sunday, July 31, 2005

Get Over Yourself

Mr. UPS called me Saturday leaving me the following voicemail:

"Hi Sizzle. I know you made it perfectly clear not to call you but you don't need to hide from me when you see me drive by. I saw you Thursday hiding in the house. It's not like I'm gonna bother you so you don't need to be like that."

No good-bye. He just hung up.

Here's the back story: Thursday I was helping my neighbors/friends load their moving van. Nilauro and I were busy clearing the back patio of boxes and furniture, loading them along the sidewalk so he could more easily figure out how to shove too much stuff into too small of a van. At one point, as I was walking out the gate carrying a box Mr. UPS drove by. We looked at each other but did not wave or smile. I then went in their house to talk with Melissa. We were standing in the doorway, the front door of which opens directly out to the gate, which was also open, allowing a clear line directly to us. Mr. UPS drove by again (why!?) and we both looked over at him as he drove on by and then resumed our conversation.

I wasn't hiding.

He's not that important to hide from. That time he came to the door after he stood me up and I didn't answer was not technically hiding. I like to think of it more like ignoring.

Just give me that, ok? Just this once.

Anyhow, he clearly has a case of self-importance and needs to give it a rest.

And permanently lose my number.


sue said...

Okay, so I was wrong about him before. He's a dumbass. Sorry I even suggested giving him another shot. What do I know? I've been married for 25+ years - I'm WAAAAY out of practice when it comes to dating... :) Trust your instincts. You're doing good. Don't take any more advice from me on men. Sheesh. Can't believe he's such a loser. (shaking head)

Lushy said...

Aawwww....the pobrecito had his feelings hurt because you ignored him. Good for you. He earns the Asshat Award of the Day.

Jenny said...

Asshat! Yes! Mr.UPS, you ASShat!

kim e said...

Sounds a little creepy...

Anonymous said...

what's the fedex guy in your area look like? nothing makes a UPS guy more jealous than losing to the competition..