Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Fingers, Fries & Friends

Ms. Sizzle and Jules take the Finger Friends out for lunch. I know you are jealous. You totally should be.
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Anonymous said...

my freak is fat and happy with french fries...he needs a nap.


Anonymous said...

Damn, you two.. uhmm four... are cute!


Anonymous said...

you shoulda flushed them down the toilet instead of eating them.

GiddyGirlie said...

I am jealous.

not just that you have Freaky Finger Friends, but also that my face is not squeezed in this picture.

Sizzle said...

giddy- next time you should come along!

anonymous- for the record we did not feast on a meal of finger friends, we feasted WITH them.


sue said...

What a couple of lovely ladies... beautiful smiles!