Monday, June 27, 2005

And they called it . . .

My best girl, Hillz, has got herself a new man. A handsome devil. A hairy, raw hide chewing, slobbering kisser devil, that is.

Meet Jack. The four month old cutie who was rescued from an abusive home. He's so lucky to have Hillz for his new mom. Plus, he gets a cat brother who is ready to wrestle.

Puppy love rocks.


Anonymous said...

congrats to Hillary, Jack and kitty are adorable together. She will have her hands full! You will be showing pics or your new additions soon. Can't wait to meet them.

Anonymous said...

Funny, your description of Jack would also ring true for the last man in my life. TG this one's a canine. :-) Jack says "wooo woo woooo" to his Auntie Sizz.