Thursday, May 19, 2005

Sister of My Heart

I'm off to visit my best girl Hillz in Seattle tonight. I can't wait! Absence does make the heart grow fonder if that is even possible with Hillz and I. She's my high school best friend and after some years of being apart, we found one another again and I swear to the baby jesus, nothing shall ever part us again. Who else can I sit around on a Friday night with de-fuzzing sweaters and be completely content and happy? We crack each other up and most of the time, no one else would get what we find so hilarious.

With her, I find an ease that comes after knowing someone for so long. After opening up the core of yourself and exposing the vulnerabilities that lie within and seeing in the eyes of your friend, acceptance and love and admiration- that experience changes you. It's really unmatchable, that kind of friendship. Sister of my heart, she keeps me afloat when I am battling the turbulent waves of life. She is my safe harbor.

Seattle, my second home, I anxiously await the sight of you. And Hillz, packed away in my suitcase are hugs a-plenty from your admirers here in the Cruz. Get ready, here we come.


Anonymous said...

They throw fish in Seattle.

sue said...

Have a safe and happy trip... we'll be here when you get back.