Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Let It Ride

Everyone in my office has been battling this wicked head cold for weeks now. With the airplane travel and the germ-fest in my office, I think I might be on the brink of breaking down. I am battling it with all I've got but when you throw some PMS in the mix, it ain't a pretty picture, you see? Speaking of pictures, I have been taking some and playing with them. I definitely think I need more hobbies.

The theme of my life at the moment seems to be "let it ride". All around me are things I want to push away or bring closer, propel forward or halt but I can't fight the force of the universe. It will unfold in its own time...and bloody hell, try as I might, I can't control it. How sweet it would be to succumb to that truth and live in the freedom of the unknown, the come-what-may. How does one let go of expectation? How do we enjoy the moment without ruining it with what ifs and overthinking? If I drown out the chaos of my life, I can see the radiant goodness pulsing through. And maybe, just maybe, in that quiet pause I just might be able to grab hold of the faith I need to get me through this.


Mr_Rodacre said...

There is no need to fight or control anything. Has everything turned out the way you expected it to when you tried to "fight the force of the universe"?

Just be Who You Really Are.

Everything you do, every choice you make and every relationship you have is to help you figure out Who You Really Are. The only thing you can control is your perception of the people and events in your life.

"Let it ride" is the best advice you may have ever given yourself.

Don't worry.

Everything will be fine.

Trust Me - it always is.

sue said...

He said it all.