Thursday, May 26, 2005

Is Love A Battlefield?

Two of my best girls are going through some rough love stuff. We've all been there but when you are IN it, man, it's hell. Splitting from a lover, ending a long-term relationship, this is not the fluffy stuff of life. . . it's meaty and can get nasty. Take for instance this scenario: You are riding along in what you deem to be a wonderful, happy, fulfilling partnership when your beau comes home from a vacation and breaks up with you. Whamo! Um, excuse me, are we on different planets or something? How can two people's realities be so vastly different while coexisting in a seemingly blissful relationship? And to make matters worse, this fella had the audacity to say, "I don't think I ever loved you" to my sweet, dear, darling, wonderful friend. Why, pray tell, is that necessary? I mean, you are ALREADY BROKEN UP! Why must you insist on tearing her already broken heart out of her? Jesus. I just don't get people. Hey, buddy, while you are busy being a royal fuckwit, how about you comment on her weight or tell her she is a bad lay. I mean, come the fuck on! Have a little decency. She has never done a damn thing to you except love you.

Or take this scenario: You are lying in bed with your lover (aka FWB...Friend With Benefits) and say to him, "I have something to confess" and his response is: "Oh God, please don't say the L word!" (as he breaks out in a cold sweat and practically runs out the door in all his naked glory). While you lie there, shamed, angry, confused. . .cuz that was NOT what you were gonna say at all but now you feel totally fucking weird. We are strange creatures, us humans. So reactionary, so fearful, so completely nuts. It is a wonder anyone gets married, moves in together or stays together past the six month honeymoon period. I am in utter awe of those who have figured out a way to make it work and just hope that someday, I might be one of them.

And suddenly I am reminded of that scene in Say Anything where Ione Skye's character (Diane Court) gives John Cusack's character (Lloyd Dobler) a pen when she breaks up with him saying, "Write me." And later Lloyd says, "I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen." Yeah, love is a battlefield.

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