Monday, May 09, 2005

I'm a Wino

The beverage of the weekend was vino- red, sometimes Spanish, sometimes a local vintage- and it was flowing...

Friday afternoon, my hair was this long but by Friday at 9pm, my hair was like this. Sorry for those who cast their vote in favor of the long locks but this girl had to get her sass back. It isn't like I chopped it all off so don't cry any tears. My mom, sis, her best friend Nicole and I all had appointments together at Studio Bloom. We made it a party with snacks, laughter, and good female bonding. Supple even joined us. Someday that woman is finally gonna cut her damn hair. ;)Dokey and I capped off the evening with a soak in the tubs at Tea House.

Saturday, Dokey and I picked up my Mom for an early Mother's Day celebration. We drove up the coast on a beautiful sunny day to have lunch at Nepenthe in Big Sur. I staved off my drinking until that evening when my friend Heath and I polished off one and a half bottles of wine. I am a klutz without 4 glasses of wine but that isn't going to stop me from blaming all that alcohol for the subsequent spill and broken wine glass. Why do I have a white couch? Stoopid Sizzle. Thank god for Zout and some bleach.

Yesterday, Supple had a wine tasting at her house. We didn't have spit buckets so I was forced to drink all of my wine. Forced, I tell ya. I just hate to waste. We filled out evaluations about each wine though we all seemed struck by the same disorder- the inability to come up with descriptive adjectives. I started to make stuff up about the "nose" and the robust cranberry murkiness of the color. JB got stuck on the smell category. Too much vino will do that to you.

After a long, wine-soaked weekend, I am weary. . .and wouldn't you know it? I am on call for jury duty.

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