Monday, April 25, 2005

You Know Something Is Wrong When...

...You look forward to going into work on a Monday because your weekend was kinda boring.
...You check your outfit in the hall mirror and notice that your ass and stomach need to switch places.
...You make tea but forget to drink it.
...You get to work and wish it was Friday already.
...You sleep with a pillow lengthwise next to you because you miss sharing your bed.
...You'd rather watch E! True Hollywood Story than answer the phone.


Anonymous said...

but at least you don't have gas like Supple!
tee hee
And at least you are not sharing a bed with someone you dispise and want to stick that now lengthwise pillow, over their freakin' face!
That at least your HEAD and your ASS don't need to switch places.
And that you did not drink epicack (sp?) in place of your forgotten tea!
Okay you get the picture!
some seasons are not of relaxation, but of work! Digging your shit outta the dirt before you can plant and sow the seeds, yo! You know youse gots to do it!
peace out home griddle

Sizzle said...

wise & wacky as always sweet supplecakes. xoxo sizz