Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Well hello March. A new month, a new perspective. Yeah! But, where is it? My mind mail must be late cuz nothing new has occurred. I am feeling irritable off and on and I can't stop yawning. In between the crabbiness and the yawning there are moments of Zen. All this is probably due to the acupuncture I got earlier today. We had a practioner come in and do a group session with all the staff and it was very beneficial. I love getting acupuncture. It is so grounding. It's truly amazing to be that aware of the feelings pulsing through you, to be present in your body like that. I wish I could feel that way more often. Usually I am out of my body, with my mind a whirl of conflicting thoughts and to do lists. I'll take some peacefulness wherever I can get it.

Most of my irritability stems from work-related annoyances. I think I need to take more time off post-event because I should not be this tired or this snappish. Well, this might be TMI but, being in the midst of PMS isn't helping matters either. My biggest annoyance right now is my boss. He is a well meaning guy with some serious ADHD on PCP or something. He seems to think it is okay to consistently "reschedule" our weekly supervision meetings. Today he was an hour late and then we didn't end up meeting at all. Turns out his more important date was really a DATE. He went to coffee with some boy half his age. I thought he had learned that lesson the hard way but. . . sometimes we need to be hit repeatedly over the head by a lesson before it sinks in. He is also on the top of my "You Bug Me So Bug Off" list because he has yet to finalize the new budget which means salaries are not decided on and people who are working in new positions aren't getting paid what they should be getting paid. I am one of those people, hence my irritation.

Let's talk about something happy. Anybody got a happy thought for me?


hummingbird said...

Here's a happy thought: JMT isn't your boss anymore!! Tell me that isn't a cheerer-upper. I feel all warm and fuzzy every time I think about it.

YOU WERE INCREDIBLE the other night and you looked beeyootiful on the front page of the paper. I was showing you off to people all day long, as a matter of fact. You deserve at least a couple days off post-event. I think people underestimate how much something like that can cause a post-letdown. So much activity building up, and then nothing. Did I ever tell you I cried the whole way (one hour) home from my sister's wedding? It was SUCH an anti-climactic day. Take a day off. Go to Well Within. Get a massage. Paramedics orders. I love you!!

CN said...