Saturday, February 26, 2005

Tragically Unhip

I actually stayed in bed until 9:30am. That's a small miracle given my track record lately. I watched "Moonstruck" which is a good movie in my opinion. I particularly like the part where Loretta (Cher) and Ronnie (Nick Cage) are standing in the freezing cold arguing about love. Ronnie says something about how love is supposed to ruin you and break your heart. It's good stuff. The best part is when they are all gathered around the table, after Johnny and Loretta have called off their wedding and Ronnie asks Loretta to marry him. Olympia Dukakis's character says: "Do you love him Loretta?" And Cher says, "Aw, Ma, I love him awful." And Olympia retorts: "Oh God, that's too bad." And then she says: "When you love them, they drive you crazy because they know they can." Too true, too true.

I finally watched "Napoleon Dynamite." I know, I know, I am tragically unhip because I hadn't seen it. But seriously, what the hell is all the fuss about? It reminded me of a male version of "Welcome to the Dollhouse" which I thought was better, actually. I particularly enjoyed the scene where Napolean is practicing the dancing over and over and working up quite a sweat. It reminded me of me when I was about 11 or 12 and I would watch "Fast Forward" just to learn the awesome dance routines. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the cinematic genius that is "Fast Forward"- shame on you! It is THE definitive dance movie of the '80s directed by none other than Sidney Poitier. It is '80s cheesiness at its best. Right up there with "Breakin' II: Electric Bogaloo".

One time I was "practicing" in my room when no one was home and accidentally slid into my dresser- hey, it was a complicated move I was trying to pull off!- and subsequently, I injured my ankle. I dragged myself to my bed and lay there for an hour with my foot propped up on a mountain of pillows waiting for my family to get home. My mom did not believe me that I was hurt and made me wait until the following day to take me to the ER. Turns out I HAD injured myself and needed crutches. So there Mom! Hee hee. But truly, what kind of big dork was I? Please, don't feel compelled to answer that. . .but if you do, you better share your most dorky/tragically unhip story with me and all my readers. ;)

(Hey Aim, Happy Birthday! I miss you and love you lots!)

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