Saturday, February 12, 2005

Emotional Overdraft

You know how the bank offers overdraft protection for those times when you spend too much without enough in the bank? I think I'd like to have something like that for emotions. Like when I spend too many of my emotions, I can rest assured that my "emotional overdraft protection" will kick in and I will be taken care of. Take the last few days for instance. No one should cry so much. And if they do, they should be able to reach into the well of reserves to restock. I feel spent. Weary. Deflated. Raw. A wee bit hollow. I've been through worse bouts of depression and melancholy. I will survive this one. But still, it'd be helpful if I had a bank to draw from. For now, I lay low and hope my spirit springs back to its once confident and loving self.

Nothing is more helpful in these times of woe than friends. I am blessed beyond reason with wonderful people in my life. Yesterday I had at least 5 calls from concerned friends, some threatening to come to my house if I didn't call them back and assure them that I am ok. Crazies. But I love them. I believe our friends are a reflection of us and I think, looking at my circle of confidantes, that I must be doing something right. How can one person be so lucky? They believe in me, are my biggest fans, and help me feel sane in an insane world. They say nice things to me to cheer me up. They spring for dinner, bring over a bottle of wine or a bouquet of flowers. I hope that I am half the friend they are to me. I guess they are kind of like my emotional overdraft protection plan. Yeah, totally, that is what they are.


Anonymous said...

This is a Dr. Phil idea, too. The emotional bank account. You're overdrawn, baby! Deposit, deposit, deposit!

Sizzle said...

Balls! I totally thought I had come up with a new concept and bloody Dr. Phil beat me to it. Just my luck. ;) Regardless, you are right- deposit!