Thursday, January 18, 2007

Your Questions Get Answered

Thanks for all your inquiries! Wow, these questions ran the gamut. It was interesting and thought provoking- thanks. It's not too late to submit your questions if you feel so inclined. Just remember (as this post goes on and on) you asked! Here we go...

Java Jabber wants to know: Are you a crafter? What hobbies do you do?
I am crafty, it's true. Lately I've been back into beading jewelry, making pins out of felt (ask Alissa, I just sent her a bird and a cupcake), knitting (scarves mostly but I want to learn how to make hats), some minimal charcoal drawing, the occasional home improvement (painted my kitchen) and am in the process of learning to sew so I can revolutionize the fashion world for chubbettes.

Asp strikes a sensitive spot by asking: Have you seriously thought about going to see a therapist with all of your ongoing problems with your self esteem issues and your needing a man to complete your life?
I have been to therapy off and on for many years but since moving to Seattle, have not located a therapist. It's true, I struggle with loving myself and with my relationships with men. It's funny though, had I written a blog ten years ago, you'd likely think me certifiable. I've come incredibly far and am quite proud of the internal work I have done on myself. This blog is an outlet for my life but it is no way all encompassing of my life. Take what you read with a grain of salt, please and don't suppose you know me so well. Anyone who has ever met me in real life would never believe I feel I need a man in my life to complete it. I actually laughed reading that since it is so far from my own reality. Self-esteem issues I have in spades though.

Catheroo ponders: What was the last CD you bought/mp3 you downloaded?
The last cd I purchased was The Detroit Cobras, "Baby" from iTunes. The last mp3 I downloaded was Ben Folds, "Evaporated."

Claire asks: What inspires you? What do you draw strength/courage from? What sort of women's self defense did you teach and how did you get into that?
I taught a form of women's self-defense that borrowed from different kinds of martial arts to make it simpler for women to learn basic, effective physical and verbal techniques to ward off an attacker. I studied for a year and then taught for some 8 years. The most empowering part of teaching was seeing women who never had yelled in their life or maybe even stood up for themselves, yell "NO!" The look on their faces was incredibly rewarding. They finally believed in their own power! It was awesome. It certainly inspired me at the time. I draw inspiration from the people in my life- particularly the volunteers I work with because so many of them generously give of their time and talents to the foster kids. Seeing people want to give back, to do good in the world, always inspires me. My friends and family are definitely my source of courage and strength.

Melissa wonders: How did your family pick Seattle as it's new home?
Hmm, good question- one I am not particularly sure of the answer. Since first visiting Seattle some 8 years ago, I've loved this city. It's been on the top of my list of where to move since then and it took me that long (and a nephew) to get myself here. My sis and her hubby visited Seattle on their honeymoon and fell in love with this magnificent place. Since they lived here and were the ones having a kid, my mom and I said, "What the hell! Let's go!" And so here I am and soon to follow comes my mom. We're tight like that.

Bone gets sappy on me and asks: What is your happiest memory?
Gosh, I really have so many. Recently, I'd have to say some of my happiest memories are: watching my nephew Finn be born, feeling all the love from my Santa Cruz friends when I moved, laughing until I cried with Hillz and Tomato (separately but equally as enjoyable), laying on the beach in Tulum, Mexico last Christmas and whenever the last time I hit a pinata (I love pinatas!). (P.S. Bone? Love the sap factor. Sincerely.)

Snackie wants to know: Which blogger would you like to switch lives with for one day?
I've never thought about that. Even on my worst days, I never want to get out of my life. But, for kicks, I'd say (out of the bloggers I read which is limited) I'd most want to switch with Sandra because I want to see what it's like to live in the Big Apple. I've never been there but have always wanted to visit. Plus, you know, she's all kinds of fabulous.

G-man goes for the hard hitting question: Do you believe in life after death?
The simplest answer to that very deep question is: Yes.

Tomato, of course, asks me some huge question: What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?
Leave it to you to ask this. Damn you! Right now the answer I feel is most true is to go into business for myself. I'd love to start Chubby Girl Revolution and change the way women feel about their bodies.

Leave it to Dave2 to ask me a wardrobe question: What are you planning on wearing to TequilaCon?
Well Dave, it's funny you should ask. I was JUST eyeing this fabulous little red dress. But if you're already planning on wearing a red dress, I'll go for something different. But definitely something that shows cleavage. Is that ok?

Sandra, clearly on drugs, asks: How does it feel, being so fabulous? :)
Oh shucks, I really wouldn't know.

Diane demonstrates that she and I will have plenty to discuss over sushi on Saturday by asking: You alluded to a college documentary in an e-mail to me--I want to hear more about this, what you studied in school, and why. Also, what was your toughest subject in school?
I was a Women's Studies/Literature major. Why? Because I love writing and books and being a kickass chick. Of course there is more to it but that's the quick answer. By far, my toughest subject in school was Statistics. Why? Because I detest math. I took that damn class twice and got incompletes both times (maybe all those times I skipped class to drink coffee and smoke cloves wasn't so smart?). I finally had to take Oceanography for my "quantitative" credits in college. At least then I could study dolphins and stuff.

JustRun, who makes delicious soup, wants to know: If you had to pick one food to live on for the rest of your life, what would it be?
I'm gonna have to go for sushi.

Alissa, my internet soul sister, needs to know: Where you got your fabulous snow boots? I adore them and have snow, therefore could use some cute snow boots.
Technically they are for rain because they aren't as warm as they need to be for snow but they are superduper cute, you're right. You'll have to ask my Mom. She gave them to me for Christmas. Mom?

Bullyse doesn't beat around the bush: I would like to know: If you had to typify or explain, what kind of guy is it that you find yourself attracted to?
Good Lord woman! This is a very charged question for me right now. :) Ok, typifying, I'd have to say that I tend to date men who are humorous, self-deprecating, sarcastic, artistic (writers, musicians, painters), and who struggle with depression. Bonus points for passive aggressives and emotionally stunted communicators. Heh.


Baja Babe said...

I think a more important question should be: What kind of man do you WANT to date? (You said you tend to date a certain type, but is it the depression and lack of communication skills which attracts you to them, or would your ideal guy have different qualities?)

justrun said...

Yay, sushi! I'm so on another of my sushi kicks right now... mmm, lunch is near! :-)

snackiepoo said...

Chubby Girl Revolution! Chubby Girl Revolution! Hey, did I ever tell you I think it is a great idea??? ;)

I think it is interesting that people take our words and formulate their own opinions about who we are or what we want and feel. No judging...just thinking aloud.

I think we should tell Dave to wear a pink pencil skirt and a shimmery sweater with gloss to match!

diane said...

You're so brave!! (now I totally want to rip this off when I get back)
I admire your grace in answering Asp's question, when I wanted to call him/her Ass. ;) We ALL need therapy--and like you say, what you write in a blog is only your feelings on any given day. I really don't spend as much time analyzing people and dating as it would appear on my blog!
Thanks for the informative answers. Very excited about Saturday!!

Karl said...

Leave it to me to get behind on blogs again. So you're doing the Q&A thing, too.

Guess you and I are gonna get along like gangbusters, based on that last question and answer.

Neil said...

If you were stuck on a desert island, would you rather have a Bible written in German, a laptop that only had Excel installed, or just one slice of pizza from the best pizzeria in Brooklyn?

Or -- Have you ever been tempted to call up an old boyfriend to see if the sparks are still there?

BullysE said...

Well done, as ever!! LOVING the way you answered those things, Sizzle.
:-) You are way cool. Seriously.

Thanks for answering my question so honestly. Me myself? I tend to like the remote, emotionally-unavailable judgers... but I feel you on the passive-aggressives! yup. Yuppers.

I have been hearing about 10 Years Ago flashbacks, for perspective, and I truly think there is something up with that. It occurred to me like yesterday, that everyone in my life has *only known me* the past 10 years--ie. my Healing, Crazy phase of things.
What happens when you get Healthy, and change the rules, I wonder?

Thanks for being You, and helping us women be brave in ourselves too.

sandra said...

Aww, Sizz -- you'd switch with me?! How fun! I could have your boobs for the day, and you'd get to have The Ghetto!

alissa said...

You are so crafty! I love my bird pin and my sister loves her cupcake! I need to take a picture of my super duper cute bird pin on my jean jacket. I love it!

Also, I applaud your answer to ASP, as your blogguard I was about to stoop and didn't want to have to. Once again you handle yourself with grace and strength.


g-man said...

Thanks for the insight, I think that you're a babe. When I was working a different schedule I had lots of time home with my girls, every Wednesday was sushi day. We'd go to the grocery and get California rolls for them and Spicy tuna for me. (While grocery store sushi is not REAL sushi, we enjoyed it). There is a Japanese BBQ place down the street that makes it the best! YUM.

Egan said...

Great answers Ms. Sizzle. I love hearing the praise regarding Seattle, especially I was raised here. It's nice to get some out-of-town perspective.

The Big Apple is a great place. I miss that my father-in-law no longer lives there. He moved out after September 11th. Florida has alright weather, but Manhattan is so different from Seattle. It was very fun to visit.

Bone said...

You mean some girls like passive-aggressives?? And here I've spent the past seven years trying to change that about myself :)

Eyes said...

Oh my god, I SO love this. I thought I knew you before...but now...well,when should I move in? I mean, and I are so much alike we might as well be related!

Claire said...

Excellent. Both the variety of questions and your replies.

So what do you need to get the revolution started?

Dave2 said...


Yes please.

gorillabuns said...

wait! i didn't have a chance to ask a question and thank god you didn't want to trade with me....not too exciting here...

so, the question is... even if we have everything we thought we ever wanted... do you think people as a whole, are happy with the cards that are dealt to them? a.k.a. the silver lining?

inquiring minds want to know...

laurie said...

I loved this post! And you're very right about the people feeling like they know you part (in response to the question from Asp), but I think it's just a side effect of your writing, you draw people in ... and that's a good thing :)

StupendousWoman said...

Sizzle, I have unfortunately been too busy recently to keep up with my favorite blogs, so I just happened upon this Q-and-A venture of yours.

It is an excellent idea! Love the questions, love your answers. This is such a clever way to communicate with your readers! It is very generous of you to share so much with us. (Oh, and it's so much better than the “meme”-type Q-and-A...!)



Alison said...

That was fun. Thanks!

JavaJabber said...

I can sew clothes, curtain, funky pillows, purses, anything really.

I can't knit. I've always wanted to learn to knit. But I don't know anyone who does, who can teach me. You would think that there HAS to be someone in the Amish community who would be willing to teach me, but they're all quilters.

Oh, I can crochet. But I know it's not the same thing.

I look forward to seeing Alissa put up a pic of the bird pin.

Okay, I think I might have a suggestion to help you do two things (1) revel in your organization OC skills (2) never want to organize yourself and your life anymore.

Here's the theory ... go into business for yourself as a paid organizer. You know, the type of gal who comes in, reorganizes someone's office, closet, life, kitchen, basement, garage, whatever. You would LOVE it! And you would be doing what you LOVE!

Now, the end result of all this organization is that you will STOP making a list out of your life and try to control every aspect of your own life. Why will you stop? (I heard you ask that!) Because you'll be so damn tired of doing it for everyone else you just won't have the energy to do it for yourself. Then you'll relax ... go out more, have more fun.

What do you think? There's a good business for someone to come in and take over organization other people's stuff.