Friday, January 12, 2007

Bodies Needs Fuel

I should have known yesterday was going to be a bust. Whenever I don't start off my day with a proper breakfast, it's all downhill from there.

7:55am: Text Rachel to see if we have to go into work.

8:05am: Decide Rachel is driving my pansy ass to work.

8:15am: Running around getting ready while eating an english muffin and blogging.

8:35am: Delicately pick my way across snow and ice to Rachel's car.

8:45am: Hardly anyone is out on the roads. The main road we take to work is blocked because it's being de-iced.

8:50am: While taking alternative route, we are held up by a woman who clearly doesn't know what to do when her car meets a patch of ice on an incline. Rachel calls her a pussy. I take it one step further and call her an ice pussy. I am the Queen of the Ice Pussies. Imagine the crown for that!

9:00am: Arrive at work with a car covered in snow still. Discover the coffee shop is closed. This is not good as I have not brought my lunch nor have I brought any tea. I need my tea.

10:30am: A group of four delegates embark on a Starbuck's run for the office.

11:30am: Did that guy make my latte DEcaf?! It sure doesn't feel like it.

12:05pm: Turning off my iPod I discover a silent office. Where did everyone go? I thought we were ordering pizza? Bastards! They all went to some meeting so they could score free lunches and didn't tell me. Hmphf! Eat banana and pout.

1:15pm: Crabby. No protein. Fading. Offered one of the lunches but told they cost $10. I am not wasting $10 on a salad. Martyrdom, here I come.

2:30pm: Continue to keep iPod on because no one should come near the cage that is my cubicle. Find some stale pretzels and eat a couple. Wash it down with delicious water.

3:10pm: Seriously, can't we go home yet? My stomach is eating itself.

3:45pm: Not. Doing. Well. Can't think straight. Would throw something if I had the energy. Why does hunger make me so easily frustrated?

4:00pm: Rachel swings by my cubicle, takes one look at me and says, "Let's get you home." Ok, she said more than that but that's the part that matters. Clearly, I don't look well. I think I could actually start crying hungry, frustrated tears.

4:20pm: Arrive home. Order Indian food. Try not to pass out.

5:05pm: Indian food arrives. It's the most delicious thing I have ever eaten. Remain comatose on couch for remainder of night.

7:30am: Watch news and see it's icy everywhere. Start to panic about driving to work. Know I must be brave and go. Being an Ice Pussy isn't all it's cracked up to be. Being an Ice Pussy Control Freak is really no fun at all, I'll have you know. At least I will have time for a proper breakfast.


alissa said...

Now I want Indian food. Yum....

I also want some of your snow. Just for a few days, then you can have it all back.

sue said...

Okay, I want to clarify... I want SNOW. You can keep the ice.

Stay safe, warm and have a cozy and well-fed weekend!

Keri said...

Wow... I can only wish that it would snow here in Georgia.. It hardly ever snows.. its usually ice.. a lot of ice.

justrun said...

That three squares a day stuff is crapola... I have more like 5-6 squares and if I don't get them, LOOK OUT. :-)

Mrs. Ca said...

I get incredibly crabby and not easy to deal with when I'm really hungry. My husband knows when it's time to give me food or risk serious injury if he opens his mouth. It's bad.

Kerry said...

We are getting ice today... supposedly 1-2 inches. If it keeps up... we'll get it! I'll take some pics to share. I'd love to be in sunny calif right about now! Heck, anywhere sunny and warm. I'm freezing!

Claire said...

My mood and patience deteriorate rapidly with low blood sugar. It's all about having nibbleable snacks on hand.

Good luck with the ice! Do you have sand in your trunk (for traction and ballast) or at least kitty litter (traction) in case you get stuck? Remember not to slam on your brakes if you hit an icy patch.

diane said...

Cheese and Peanut Butter Crackers!!
I keep those perpetually in my purse. Because of my digestive problems, I will get really sick if I wait too long to eat. And these provide a great, handy, protein-punched snack. You know, the Keebler kind that come in little plastic-wrapped packs? I buy them in bulk! :)
(dangit, now I am craving Indian food)

Egan said...

I feel like I was shadowing you all day yesterday. Nice account of your icy day in Seattle, even for an Ice Pussy.

Bone said...

Glad your Indian food arrived in time, IP.

(PS: Please tell me Dwight isn't going off The Office.)

JavaJabber said...

I am the same way. I lived in CA for 30+ years before moving to PA. I love love love the snow. But driving in it? Extreme snow pussy. So far? You've had more snow than us this winter!

g-man said...

Right brain still laughing at the mental image of ice pussy crown, left brain working out how to make one using PhotoShop.
I wont bitch about our weather given yours. Stay warm and cozy! Stock up your desk at work with cereal bars or something. :)

Maman said...

sorry babe.. hang in there, eventually you will learn to dress in layers and get used to trudging through three foot snow drifts... I grew up in Buffalo, so I know!

Becky said...

Sorry I'm so late in reading this -- as you well know, I can relate to this post:) I dont' think I'd mind the ice if I could stay home as well!

Becky said...

Sorry I'm so late in reading this -- as you well know, I can relate to this post:) I dont' think I'd mind the ice if I could stay home as well!