Friday, December 22, 2006

Making A List, Checking It Twice

I worked 12 hours yesterday.
I am still tired after 7 hours of sleep.
I met Deion Branch last night.
I kept calling him Darryl in my mind.
I know very little about football.
Oddly enough, I will be spending Christmas Eve Day coordinating over 120 volunteers who are selling programs at the Seahawks/Chargers game for our charity.
I will be tired then too.
My mom arrives to Seattle today!
This is Griffin's first Christmas!
I have a week off after the 24th.
I get to meet Snackiepoo next week!
I am done with my Christmas shopping and wrapping.
Last night I arrived home to a pile of boxes in front of my door.
Merry Christmas to me from my California friends!
I love getting mail.
I love Christmas.
I love vacation.
Last year at this time I was packing to go here.
Best. Christmas. Ever.
Hope your holidays are merry & bright!


Nihilistic said...

Happy Holidays Sizz!

Karl said...

I am so jealous of you and Hilly, getting to hang with each other next week. *pout*

karla said...

Oooh! Christmas on the beach! The best invention since booze.

kapgar said...

Busy girl. I'm quite jealous.