Friday, December 01, 2006

Living Hope

Today is December 1st. That means it is World AIDS Day.

It seems impossible that a person could live in this world and not know it is World AIDS Day. But then again, I'd like to think it's impossible that someone would willingly have unprotected sex with someone whose sexual history is unknown to them or that people would consciously share needles. Sadly, it's all too possible and it happens all too often.

We all play a part in making this world a better, safer place to live in. No one gets to shut their eyes or cover their ears or have the gall to say, "This does not concern me."

If you think that, Wake Up.

Practice what you preach. Be a role model. Fuck safe and shoot clean. Tell a friend. Talk to your kids about sex. Hell, talk to any kid who asks and give them honest answers. Because with HIV/AIDS, silence will equal death. Maybe not our own, but someone's. We cannot be afraid to talk about it.

During my years working at an HIV/AIDS organization I learned a great deal about humanity, about my own prejudice and how fear makes smart people dumb. I met countless amazing human beings who inspired me with their fortitude of conviction, their beautiful laughter and their fragile openness about being HIV +. These wonderful people are our living hope.

Because there is not yet a cure. Because we do have the power to change this. Because you care. Remember those who have lost their lives to HIV/AIDS and those who courageously live strong and positive every day among us.

To my every day heroes and friends at the Santa Cruz AIDS Project: I love you & am with you in spirit.


Mrs. Ca said...

Preach on! This message is so important to get out there.

Alissa said...

What a beautiful post. You're inspirational Sizz.

Jules said...

Well said yourself. Very.

sandra said...

You said it so well that I'm just going to go with: yes.

Egan said...

I just got chills reading this post. Thanks for the sobering reminder Ms. Sizzle. HIV/AIDS is still something to be mindful of and I appreciate the reminder. We do have the power to change the course of this disease. Thanks for this post.

nicalyse said...

I absolutely agree. Awareness is an amazing thing.

Solnichka Frankenstein said...

I smr4t. I didn't know it was World AIDS Day. Thanks for the heads-up.

asp said...

I learned something new today. I had no idea today was World AIDS Day. Considering there were no parades, no signs hanging in the stores amongst the holiday cheer, I had no clue. Sorry for my ignorance.

BullysE said...

Well said, Sizzle. But I do have a couple comments.
I never really thought about AIDS and protected sex and stuff until pretty recently, because it wasn't something that directly affected me. (I know I am in a minority there) I feel alot of compassion for those people who have this disease, and who have loved ones with this--because it is a life taker in the end. We as a family watched "Rent", and I used the opportunity to talk to the kids about AIDS, and other walks of life too. I think when those opportunities come along, we need to grab them. TALK TO THE KIDS! Give them information!

Secondly, when I was re-reading the post today before commenting, it occurred to me, that I have been casual about needle-sharing too. I think when you are in a situation where you use them, you can get pretty lax about it--cavalier even. In working with horses, I have given many many shots, and almost always, we simply re-use the needle until it doesn't work so well anymore. Needles cost money, and I guess that ends up being the end of story.
I have thought about that in recent years, all the horses that needle-shared...and I have wondered, about the eventuality of something like that disease in animals, you know? If one needle can be used on say, 15 horses,it's an interesting proposition.
I'm just sayin'.

JustRun said...

Nice post. It's hard for me to believe, but there are people that aren't aware. Good for you for helping spread the awareness.

kim said...

I read this a couple of days ago and Fuck Safe and Shoot Clean is still stuck in my head - someone needs to put that into a PSA.

If you are buying a tree - buy one at the lot on Capital Hill ( it is helping out a house for people with HIV/AIDS.

Great Post!

Sizzle said...

"fuck safe/shoot clean" is something i have heard working in the needle exchange community. i didn't come up with it. it is powerful though! and true!

thanks for the tip.

:) sizz