Thursday, May 18, 2006

It's a Sad Day America

I know not all of you care but I needed to say it. . .

Elliot Yamin, you are humble and soulful and sweet. You are better than American Idol.
I am so over this show. America hasn't gotten it right since Kelly Clarkson.
Losing by .20% - now THAT is craptastic!


alissa said...

I am so sorry for your loss. My deepest sympathies.

Melissa said...

You know, of all of them I think he is the one that actually expanded his abilities the most. Stupid voters.

Lushy said...

Kelly Clarkson. Yeah.

*shuts the office door so I can sing Since U been Gone in peace*

BullysE said...

I thought you had a big ole crush on Taylor?? What did I miss???

Yeah, he was good--but personally, I am pulling for Kat. I think all three of these guys are good enough to get a record deal. I bet we haven't heard the last of them!
:-) Meanwhile, the Idol Album comes out tuesday! WooHoo!

Bob Merrick said...

you TRAITOR!!!!!

Where is your loyalty???

I whooped and hollered last night!

Taylor is so going to be our next American Idol!

There is no way McScientologist can compete with him. His "Taking it to the Streets" was BETTER than Michael McDonald's!!!!!!!

And now you are pissed that the banana head with bad teeth (YOU OF ALL PEOPLE ARE SO INTOLERENT OF PEOPLE WITH BAD TEETH!) lost??

Where oh where has your loyalty gone Miss Sizzle???

Have the red meanies completely gone to your head???

Bob Merrick
Soul Patrol Member

Mr_Rodacre said...

Ah Sizzle, c'mon... .20%?!?! Do you know how close that is? Did you see how close the voting was for all of them?

America (like me) loves all these crazy kids because they are all very good at what they do.

But it is a competition and it is a game show and somebody has to lose and somebody has to win.

Elliot will do fine. As will Daughtry. As will next weeks runner up. They've all got mad talent that won't disappear like previous idol contestants.

Just you watch...

Kerry said...

I havent ever watched this show... but i've heard so much about Elliot in the past 24 hours. He should at least get a consolation contract.

Neil said...

The worst part for me was that I read about the results two hours earlier on some blog in the East Coast. So, I had to watch it and get dissappointed twice.

I'm sure the two men split some of the voters.

jjjj said...

Oh sweet jesus. he was awful. and gross. chris d. should have won the whole thing..... but monkey boy, yikes. he and the red haired goon from last year or the year before can croon together in an alley for all i care.

Bone said...

While I wasn't for Elliot, I agree they haven't gotten it right since K-Clark.

I'm rootin' for the Alabama boy.

Sizzle said...

I just want to say- for the record- It isn't that I dislike Kat or Taylor. They are both VERY talented. I've got a mad girlcrush on Kat (those cheekbones, that jazzy style!) and think Taylor (minus the Woo!'s and the bent-over-ness) is fabulous. I just had a soft spot for Elliot. And I just wanted to be sad about it for a day.