Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Making Stew

This picture is a clear indication of which of the following . . .
a) working too much, b) being cooped up in an office for 8 hours at a time with no fresh air and torrential rains outside, c) being a complete silly and entertaining oneself by spinning over and over in an office chair, d) trying to get your sad friend Chlo to laugh or e) all of the above.

Yesterday was Chlo's last day before taking two months off. I will miss her hyperactivity and a million and one questions. The way she says "J K Dawg" and always, as she is leaving for the day, saying to me, "Sizz, I really just want to appreciate you for who you are in my life. You are my Shero." I love her and her fabulous shoes. Good god how does she walk in them?!

In other news. . .
-It is now 6, count 'em s-i-x days until my birthday. Yay!
-Chris Daughtry needs to shave the beard. Every week he looks more like my ex and it freaks. me. out. Chris, please, knock it off already. I do really think you are great. Now go shave. Kisses.
-Today is Meagan's birthday. Happy Birthday Meagan!
-It seriously won't stop raining. How grateful am I that it stopped for that one day on my event? You can rain on my birthday brunch Mother Nature. You earned it.
-The final count of our gross earnings from the Walk? $17,500. Oh. Yeah.
-In two days my very pregnant and very adorable little sister will be here. I can't wait!
-My Lost Blogger friends are doing a most excellent job writing as historical figures. I will say though, I miss hearing about your day to day lives. How in the hell ARE you?! Throw me a bone. (To find out more about this awesome grassroots campaign click this.)
-If you don't know about my good friend Paul Davidson's upcoming book, The Lost Blogs, you better get in the know n.o.w. Don't be a square peg. Don't miss the boat.
-I cannot get these lyrics out of my head...

And you are such a fool,
To worry like you do,
I know it's tough
And you can never get enough
Of what you don't really need now
My, oh my

You've got to get yourself together
You've got stuck in a moment
And you can't get out of it

-It's moments like these when I think. . .maybe I should just let Jesus Take The Wheel.


gronce said...

1. Chlo's red boots are fierce!

2. I love your pink sneakers with the mint green stripe!

3. You have beautiful teeth!

4. You have an even more beautiful smile!

5. You look like you're having a lot of fun!

anne said...

I'm going to vote for e. all of the above...

alissa said...

I need a pair of those red boots!

Lushy said...

I want to work with you. We could have chair races in the hall and flirt with the hot water boy. That would be good looking water boy, not a boy who brings us bottles of hot water. Actually, he is the damn fine water boy who delivers warm bottled water. I'll shut up now. But not before I tell you that I have been listening to that song every morning for at least the last week to try and motivate me.

Now I'm shutting up.

Oh wait, your sister is adorable. Hope you have a great visit.

Neil said...

There's always one crazed stalker out there who zooms in on all the photographs on the wall, hoping to check out all your friends and crushes.

Mrs. Ca said...

That's a lot of news! But, it also sounds like a lot of things to be excited about.

Jacynth said...

I'm lovin' the BSP here. Yae for your bday! OOh, thanks for linking to me, sista! Rock on with your bad self!

gorillabuns said...

the last days of work are usually the best. the carefree attitude, screams, don't you think you'll miss me, suckers?

ocg said...

stop.... you... are.... making... me... dizzy...


Rabbit said...

I wish I had that much fun at work. I spend most of my day drawing with crayons, come home, see your picture and think, "Damn, she's having WAY more fun than me!"

JustRun said...

If you can have fun in a cube, you can have fun anywhere. You are now my cube hero. Teach me, please.

Bre said...

Now those are some boots I'd gladly wear socks for! :)

Chris Daughtry's beard is starting to freak me out as well, but largely because his head is so bare and his chin is so dark!

Your desk looks fun and saucy and fabulous! If you feel the urge to cross the country and decorate my office, just let me know ;)

Sizzle said...

bre- the only thing to do when faced with a cube is to add some flair. i would gladly decorate your cube. careful what you wish for! ;)

justrun- i have always wanted to be a cube hero. woo hoo!

rabbit- embrace the fun. don't sit in those small chairs. careful of too much spinning.

ocg- i don't wanna!

buns- you said it sistah!

jacynth- why of course! your link is my command.

mrs. ca- it is. :)

neil- i love your voyeurism dear.

lush- you KNOW we wouldn't get any work and would likely get fired for drinking at lunch and harassing the water boy. let's totally make that happen!

alissa- you would look hawt in those boots. make it happen.

anne- you are correct!

gronce- my parents should be thanked for my smile. it wasn't cheap. :)

sorry for all the exclamations! hee hee.

Nihilistic said...

Cross your fingers for no rain on the 29th!

Sizzle said...

i know! how will we ride the giant dipper if it is raining!? :)

Gary said...

I can see your tonsils in that photo. They're cute.

sandra said...

I LOVE chair-spinning! I'm so glad to see that you're doing it.

As for the daily lives thing, I miss writing random stuff, actually! There have been days where blogging seemed like a bit of work (not usually, but sometimes), but this has really made me realize that I almost rely on being able to just spill whatever the hell I'm thinking, on a near-daily basis. Who knew?!

inky said...

what a simply adorable photo of you and the sis.

sue said...

Okay, are having too much fun... :)