Thursday, October 06, 2005

How does that "happen"?

I almost ran over some old guy in the parking garage this morning. Maybe I wasn't awake. I hadn't had my cup of coffee yet. Wait. I don't drink coffee. Damn. Can't even blame the coffee. But seriously, that guy came out of nowhere! He yelled, "Heeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy!" and I promptly stopped reversing. I was mortified but did manage to roll down my window and sweetly apologize. He said, "Well, you sure did wake me up." Ha ha ha. Ha. Uh. Ha?

Why is that when I go out to breakfast (not lunch, not dinner) I walk away from the restaurant smelling of breakfast food all day long? My left arm smells like burnt coffee while my right smells oddly of chicken apple sausage. And my hair seems to have caught a bit of rye toast. And that fella I almost ran over? Yeah, he was also eating his breakfast at the same restaurant. I purposely sat in the back to avoid him.

I've taken to blaming my excessive burping lately on Dumpling. Why? Because I can. And I will. Anyone who purposely speaks in the third person just because they know it annoys me deserves some burp blame thrown their way.

I am in a weird mood.

Yesterday was send a silly face day. I blame Jules. I got some hilarious pictures. Thanks for sending those! Check out others here. If you feel so inclined, I'd love to add you to my gallery of funny faces. Send me your mug shot. Pretty please.


Mo-Pie said...

What silly little face's... Look at this picture and try and figure out what kind of face it is...

( )

whoorl said...

breakfast places make you stinky, fo sho! it's all the greasy grease. come to think of it, most coffee shops make you reek too. blech.

sue said...

I don't have a silly face. Well, I mean, it's silly all by itself without me making a silly face. Did that just make sense? About as much as smelling like breakfast all day... ;)

I'm still trying to figure out how to get my penguin thing to come out right so I can GET penguins from Andy! ARrrggghhhh...! (Don't tell, I should be working!)

Jenny said...

totally...breakfast makes you smelly...i think it is the grease...and if you are in santa cruz, add in some B.O. :)

Sizzle said...

jenny two times, are you accusing me of having b.o.? why i never!

;) sizz

Mr_Rodacre said...

I think all of the places downtown smell like pee.

I hope I don't smell like pee when I leave them.

I'd choose the smell of rye toast over pee any day.

Dumpling doesn't know why he causes you to have gaseous anomalies...

Bill said...

Silly face? Well, perhaps I can introduce yoy to Mr. 'Where's-my-morning-coffee?'

(Tomorrow I'll probably think, 'What was I thinking?")

Her Daddy's Eyes said...

I hate smelling like the food I just ate. Like when you go to Melting Pot, you're so damn full after leaving and you can't get away from the smell of the food you wish you had stopped eating an hour ago!

Thanks for the silly face, it made my day!! And is that a toilet seat cover on your head??? I l.o.v.e you!!!!


Mo-Pie said...

Michael Shakes doesn't like anyone to talk in third person either... and if anyone ever talks to Michael Shakes in third person, I give you permision to burp on them. Michael Shakes is getting upset!

Sorry, Michael Shakes couldn't resist.

Sizzle said...

Shakes: Burp on them! Ha ha ha. I just might have to use that and when I do I will say, "Michael Shakes gave me permission!"

Eyes: Yes, that is a toilet seat cover on my head. Attack of the toilet seat cover!

Mr. Rodacre: Everywhere downtown doesn't smell like pee. Are you talking about all the clandestine places you frequent to support your habit of hooker and heroin? (jk)

Thanks to all who sent me funny pictures! :)

Her Daddy's Eyes said...

A day late and a dollar short! Can I still send a funny picture!?