Tuesday, June 21, 2005


The house was adorned with fresh flowers in bold oranges, pinks and yellows and from the many oak trees, colorful lanterns swayed in the breeze. Japanese bells hung from the backs of chairs to be rung as the bride and groom shared their first kiss as husband and wife. The sun peaked out and shined its light on the handmade altar as the ceremony began. Amy, the blushing bride, was breathtaking in her backless gown. In the midst of her moment she characteristically thanked me for being there for her. She said, "Thank you, sister of my heart." She is always thinking of others, even when she is about to walk down the aisle. I told her I loved her and fixed the train of her dress and the fall of her veil as she stepped out of the door and took hold of her father's waiting arm. Van Morrison's "Into the Mystic" played. Another thing we two have in common, our love of Van and that great, great song.

Backdropped by blue-hued mountains, lush green trees and a sky soft with puffy clouds, Jeff and Amy wed. They wrote the entire ceremony and each reading built upon the other, as a solid relationship does, one experience upon the next. Their love was tangible, eloquent, heart-felt. In his vows, he told her he knew when she opened the door on their first (blind) date. She told him he was her every day. Her first, her last and her only blind date. They wiped away each others tears of joy. They did not tear their eyes from one another and held each other's hands steadfast and strong.



They committed to "be awake in one another." How better to say it? How better to love? I said a little prayer as the bells chimed that someday, I too, would get to stand in wonder and delight at a life beginning.

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GiddyGirlie said...

"be awake in one another" -- that is really fucking beautiful.

(as you can see, my vows would read like a truck stop toilet stall)