Saturday, June 11, 2005

Karaoke Till The Break of Day

If Jenny Two Times and I had stuck to our original plan last night, we'd have traveled up the coast to San Francisco to enjoy Sara Bareilles at the GAM. Instead, being old and not fond of the traffic we'd be forced to endure from the Cruz to the big city, we made some dinner and drank too much wine. It would have been fine if we had stopped there. But, no. We got the inspiration to karaoke so we called up JB and our friend Lon and took our tipsy selves down to the Boardwalk Bowl to sing some tunes and throw back a few more.

And by "a few" I mean a lot. Many. Too many.

Every song I sang had an over-abundance of ohs/ahs/woos/la la/mmms in it. The version of "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" by Diana Ross literally had 10 words in it, the rest were ohs and ahs (which technically speaking ARE words, I suppose). Rumor has it, I got so fed up with the stupid song, I put the microphone down my shirt and did a shimmy. I'd like to try to deny it but anyone who has met me or had some drinks with me knows that eventually something is going to be put in my cleavage.

Did I mention I got very drunk?

Lon, who is the lead singer of his very own band, wouldn't sing. We dragged him up with us for Wham's "Wake Me Up" where he subsequently only sang the word "jitterbug" and the "8 bar interlude" prompt. Literally, he sang "eight bar interluuuuuude." You aren't actually supposed to sing that part...but you probably knew that, right? Lon's good for the comic relief, among other things.

There are two guys who are ALWAYS at karaoke when we go. They are what you would call "regulars" and by that I mean, losers. Ok, that is a bit harsh but they are quite the pair. The taller one with his unkempt beard, trucker hat, beer belly and faded denim on denim outfit makes him the Kenny Rogers of the duo. The shorter one with gangly arms walks like he's been riding a horse too long and has the cowboy boots and hat to back up his wrangler look. They loves them some country songs! They aren't particularly good singers but they give it their all. They should learn some new songs though and maybe get some new pre-song dialogue. The shorter one dedicated a country bumpkin love song to his "girlfriend" who was apparently "home with her son." Yeah, um, I believe that about as much as I believe you are a real cowboy.

We closed that place down and went on to party into the wee hours of the morning. The last thing I remember before I fell asleep was noticing that the sun was rising. Poor Jenny Two Times felt a bit hung over (and by that I mean, she was worked!). I felt dehydrated more than anything and for the first hour of being awake, my voice was very Kathleen Turner. After some tea and pancakes, I was almost as good as new. Now if I could only stop singing "Rich Girl" by Hall & Oates over and over and over in my head. To quote the song, "It's a bitch girl."

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