Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Be The Tree

Instead of trying to hold everything I feel, what everyone else feels, the maybes, the whys, the somedays, the anger, the bruised egos, I am going to just be the tree and let it all pass around me. Life whirls around at a hurricane speed some days. Other times, it isn't life at all that sets the frantic pace but the mind that scurries after imagined morsels of truth. I am exhausted from all my expectations that can never truly be met. I set myself up for disappointment with all of my rules. Even if it is just for today, I will be the tree: deeply rooted within myself, standing statuesque amidst the proverbial storm, beautiful and free, growing strong. Even these rough winds cannot break me.


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful, you are the tree! Strong, protective, giving - you are the giving tree to all who know you.