Saturday, April 09, 2005


So last night I check my messages and Jenny Two Times had called asking if we were gonna hook up with the gang for karaoke. I call her back and get her voicemail. I'm driving by JB's so I give him a jingle but it turns out he is in the midst of playing guitar for the first time in a couple months so I keep cruising on by. I call up Supple and she's kicking it at her house with some wine so I say, hey, I am coming over and she says, hells yes, come on over.

In all the commotion of meeting Supple's new housemate, getting a glass of wine and peeing, I missed a return call from Jenny Two Times. I call her back but she is on the other line. Supple and I are lounging in her room and I am filling her in on the events of my nite thus far when who should call Supple's home line but none other than JB. As they are chatting, my phone rings and it is Jenny Two Times. So there we are, the four of us, Supple and I hanging out at her place, Jenny Two Times and JB hanging out at their respective homes and all of us connected- me on the phone with J2x and Supple with JB. We joke about playing "telephone" and JB passes a message through Supple, onto me, which I then pass onto J2x. We finally all decide to stop sitting around on the phone and just meet up in person. I collect all 3 of them in my ghetto (un)fabulous vehicle and we scoot off to Saturn Cafe. When JB gets in the car, J2x looks at him and says: "purplemonkeydishwasher" and the telephone circle is complete. you see, cuz, that was the message JB told Supple who told me then I told J2x....I guess you had to be there. . . .This story seems to fall short in the retelling.

Hey! How many days until my birthday? N-i-n-e (9)

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Bob Merrick said...

I am guessing that one of the messages being passed between Jennt 2x and JB was supposed to be purplemonkeydishwasher...
otherwise, yeah it sounds like a had to be there moment... oh well...

but in all the commotion, why the mention of your unghetto fab car and not your new fab purchase???