Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Push It. . .Real Good

I finally got to walk to work again because thankfully there is a break in the rain. To celebrate, I picked out my self-mixed cd, "Hip Hop Hooray." Cheesy, I know, but it is cheesygoodness. It's old school hip hop that I downloaded awhile back from Duckie's computer. I was trying not to bust out with some slammin' dance moves as I waited for the light to change. And y'all know how difficult it is to contain my dancing. I did, embarassingly, mouth the words to "O.P.P." but damn it, I just can't help myself. Yeah you know me! Michael Jackson's "P.Y.T." is on there and in light of the current allegations against him, that song takes on whole new meaning. Salt 'n Peppa busted out with "None of Yo Business". That one line that goes: "the difference between a hooker and ho ain't nothin' but a fee" cracks me up. And I walked into work with "U.N.I.T.Y." by Queen Latifah pumping in my ears. How can you not want to sing along when she starts off the song saying "who you calling a bitch?" So what if her movie career has careened to the Ben Affleck level of embarassment. She's still one fierce lady. Her songs make me want to kick some ass. Word. (hee hee)

I've been having some vivid dreams lately, which for me, is completely odd. I hardly ever dream or at least, I don't remember them. These, though, were serious indication that my sub-conscious has something to tell me. So I am listening. Ya hear that sub-conscious? You pushy bastard, I am heeding your unsubtle cues. Lay off already.

Even Jenny Two Times had a dream about me. In her dream, all my friends and family were gathered in a sort of intervention about my love life. When your friends start having dreams about you, you know you'd better get off the proverbial pot and deal with some serious shit. (What is it with me and the puns lately?) The universe is showing me the way, and I am following.


hummingbird said...

Oh my god...why didn't it occur to me before? This book is so perfect for what you're working with in the forgiveness class! I totally have to get it for you. I WILL get it for you. It's blowing my mind on a daily basis. I would give you mine, except that I'm reading it slowly so as to digest it better which means I won't be done with it for weeks yet.

Anyway, rock on with your hip hoppin' bad ass self. I'm down with OPP too, in case you were wondering.

Sizzle said...

Thanks hummingbird! You always guide me to enlightment. And I figured you were down with the OPP. ;)