Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Use Thought Wisely

I have taken to walking to work. It's a good 15-20 minutes depending on what tunes I have pumping into my ears and if I hit the streetlights accurately. I kept saying, I am going to walk to work. I am! But then I didn't and the shame & guilt washed over me. Thanks Catholicism. ;) But then the universe conspired to make it impossible for me to NOT walk. My car broke down. Stupid clutch went out. So, now I walk and I like it.

So I was walking to work and I saw something graffiti'd to the sidewalk. It said: "Use Thought Wisely." That's pretty good for some random graffiti. I mean, this IS Santa Cruz. We are a bunch of liberal wacko's. But seriously, I have been thinking about it for days. It's true. . .the power of your thoughts. That whole "self-fulfilling prophecy" stuff. How we can actualize change just by how we think of things. What do you think? Sometimes all it takes is a shift in perspective or doing the opposite of what you normally would do that can make all the difference in any given situation.

Take this weekend. . .I was in a low mood. Kind of melancholy. Almost blue. Very Elvis Costello if you will. And instead of moping around the house, I called up my good friends and invited them over for an impromptu gathering around the fire. So only one of them made it but STILL the point being, I did the opposite of what I was inclined to do (isolate and mope) and felt a whole lot better for it. (Thanks JB for keeping me company 'round the fire.) So I guess my point to all this is, I agree with that random bit of graffiti. Use thought wisely. Be pro-active with thought. And make thought count. I don't want to waste mine on negative bullshit thinking. There is enough bad stuff in the world, I don't need to contribute to it.

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